Last time I had just removed the fuel tank and master cylinder. I had hoped to have them reinstalled, but as we all know the best laid plans sometimes don’t work out.   I did make some good progress though. The fuel tank  had some minor surface rust and chipped paint,  nothing a little 60 and 180 grit could not take of.   After a good scrap and sanding  I applied a couple a coats of matte black spray paint and it looks great

underside with new rubber strips

fresh paint... almost looks new!

I also cleaned up the sending unit.   It appears to work but not sure if the 46 year old cork will still float.   I am going to try to replace it with a newer plastic bulb type

will the old cork float???

Rebuilding the master cylinder  was a bit harder than I had envisioned, but after a couple a tries I was able to get it put back together.  I left out the valve seat when I rebuilt it as to accommodate the disc brake upgrade I have planned.

end view note the valve seat

In the process of removing it one of the welded mounting nuts broke free.  With that in mind getting it back in was going to be a bit of a problem.   My buddy came up with a great solution.   A 6″ piece a flat bar with the proper size hole tapped to accept the mounting bolt on one end.  I have not had a chance to see how well this will work yet.  The piece still needs a bit of machining  so that it will clear the other nut still welded to the frame.  Next on the list is getting the brakes upgraded to discs on the front and 11″ drums on the back.

Happy Holidays to all !!






Hi. Well its been a few weeks, and things are getting done.
I don’t think that I mentioned when my buddy and I went to pick it up, he discovered that it had a rare T98 four speed tranny in it ! WOW.
We towed it back to my place and got it in my now ‘way to small’ 1 car garage.

Oh course it had a few gallons of nasty 10 year old gas in it.  Getting the tank out and cleaned was one of the first priorities.   As it turned out nobody had to have a ‘Conoco’ shower, the tank was all plugged up.   I got the tank out and drained.   Took it to a local coin op car wash and power washed  the hell outta the thing.   That did the trick and it is no longer plugged up.

Moving on to the brakes…..  A few days ago I dumped a bit of brake fluid in the master cylinder,  pumped the brakes a bit to see if any pressure would build… nope all the fluid was leaking out the back around the boot.   I called tech support  (my buddy Homer) and he directed me to and a master cylinder rebuild kit.   Also gave me some tips on removing the damned thing.  I ended up having to defer to him to finally get it removed!  Thanks Homer!!  I also decided to upgrade the brakes a bit.  I am going to put disc brakes on the front and the larger 11″ drums on the rear.   Again had some of the parts I will need, and a buddy has offered up a lot of the other parts I will need.

Hope to have the tank back in by the end of the weekend and procure a few more need brake parts.  Well off to the ‘way to small garage’


Just getting started…kinda still under construction… First time jeep owner, trying to get a ’64 cj6 trail/road worthy. Should be lots of fun….stay tuned.

P.S. I barely know how to change the oil in a motor vehicle… lol